Vision 2018 – 6 Questions for the New Year

The dust is now settling and 2018 is upon us.  So whether you’re jazzed about the new year, still feeling the holiday blues, or coping with PVDS (post-vacation depression syndrome), the time has come to move forward into this new year.  The sentimental resolutions made on New Year’s Eve (if you even made any) are already forgotten, so let’s get serious about making some real change.

Here’s a process I like using with my clients to help identify strengths, progress, barriers, goals and action steps.  Write your responses.  Writing them down makes them real and makes them more serious.  When you write, use the present tense and positive language to tell your brain what you are actively doing now.  “I am in a new, fulfilling job” is better than “I will find a better job.”  When the brain hears “I will..” it’s in the future thus can be postponed. “I eat a healthy plant-based diet” is better than “I won’t eat junk food.”   In the latter statement the brain hears “eat junk food,” and nothing else to do instead.

Be reflective, know that you’re creating a living vision which can grow and change over time, and if I didn’t mention it… write it down!  I wouldn’t ask you to do something I don’t do myself, so I wrote mine down before sending this out.  The core statement of my vision:  I am faithfully & joyfully living each day with gratitude, compassion and generosity.


  1. From where do I draw my strength?
         These are your best resources to embolden you to take on your vision.
  2. What are my wins from 2017?
         Consider progress made in all areas of life – personal, professional, relational, physical, spiritual, financial, etc.
  1. What challenges am I facing in my life right now?
         Consider challenges in all areas of life – personal, professional, relational, physical, spiritual, financial, etc.
  1. What is my vision for 2018?
         Dream globally into your vision – courageously vision where you really want to see yourself this year.
         List specific, tangible goals to focus you vision.
  1. What stands in the way between where I am now and this vision?
         Consider both internal and external barriers that inhibit you. Usually we hold ourselves back more than any external factor. 
  1. What steps can I start taking now toward my vision?
         List concrete steps toward your goals identified in Question 4 as well as steps to address the barriers identified in Question 5.
    Consider what resources you may need to access.

Blessings for a bountiful 2018!

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