If you’re ready to start bringing change to your relationship, you’re in the right place! 

In the LEFT column, you can learn more about the logistics of our work, and download the forms needed for our first session.
In the RIGHT column, you can learn more about “How to Get the Most From Your Couple Therapy” – a few short articles that will help you before you set foot in the door.

If you have questions or are ready to schedule your initial consultation, please contact me directly at 310-268-7792 or e-mail.

The Logistics…

For the initial session, I ask that you complete two forms that will help us begin our work together. You may download and complete each form (attached below in Adobe Acrobat). Completing these will give you time to reflect upon the concerns that have led you to seek help and provide me with some background information about you. If for any reason you cannot download these forms, you may come to my office 30 minutes prior to your initial appointment and complete them there.

Forms you can download & complete prior to the initial appointment:

Couples sessions are generally 80 minutes in length. The fee is $250. Fees are collected at the time of service. Changes in the frequency and duration of sessions can vary based on your needs and clinical recommendations. Weekly sessions are generally recommended, especially in the beginning. After this period, it is possible to do couples work on an every other week basis. During times of crisis, increased frequency may be needed.

A note about fees & insurance… Deciding the best course of treatment is a decision that should be made between you and I.  So that such decisions are not influenced by an insurance company, I have chosen not to be an in-network provider for any carrier.  This further protects my clinical independence and your confidentiality.

As a licensed clinical psychologist, my services are covered under most insurance plans for which you can utilize out of network coverage.  Should you wish to bill your insurance, monthly statements are provided with the necessary information for you to be reimbursed.  You may want to consult your insurance provider as co-pays, deductibles and reimbursement rates vary from plan to plan, and may change based on diagnosis. When you call, ask about out of network coverage to see a psychologist.

Get started now… Call (310) 268-7792 or e-mail.

How to Get the Most from Your Couple Therapy…

Couples are often uncertain what to expect from the process of couples therapy. Perhaps they’ve never been, have a past bad experience with it, or can only go by what they’ve seen on TV. I’ve created this series to provide clarity and focus to our work and help you get the most from your couple therapy. I’ve found that couples who take time to reflect upon their goals, the work it will take to get there and understand the process are those who will benefit the most from their therapy.

At minimum, read the first article which provides a brief and sweet introduction – just enough you need to know to get through the door.

Hopefully this will intrigue you to read the other three brief articles in the series. This will be time well spent investing in your relationship. Remember, as legendary coach John Wooden stated, “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.”