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In the LEFT column, you can learn more about the logistics of our work, and download the forms needed for our first session.
In the RIGHT column, you can learn more about “How it Works in My Practice.”

If you have questions or are ready to schedule your initial consultation, please contact me directly at 310-268-7792 or e-mail.

The Logistics…

The initial session is 80 minutes to provide time to more fully assess the individual and/or family’s presenting concerns and background, and address initial questions that you may have. The fee for the initial session is $250.

For the initial session, I ask that you complete a few forms that will help us begin our work together. You may download and complete each form (attached below in Adobe Acrobat). Completing these will give you time to reflect upon the concerns that have led you to seek help and provide me with some background information about you. If for any reason you cannot download these forms, you may come to my office 30 minutes prior to your initial appointment and complete them there.

Forms you can download and complete

A note about fees & insurance… Deciding the best course of treatment is a decision that should be made between you and I.  So that such decisions are not influenced by an insurance company, I have chosen not to be an in-network provider for any carrier.  This further protects my clinical independence and your confidentiality.

As a licensed clinical psychologist, my services are covered under most insurance plans for which you can utilize out of network coverage.  Should you wish to bill your insurance, monthly statements are provided with the necessary information for you to be reimbursed.  You may want to consult your insurance provider as co-pays, deductibles and reimbursement rates vary from plan to plan, and may change based on diagnosis. When you call, ask about out of network coverage to see a psychologist.

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How It Works in My Practice…

There is no one way in which this works in practice, but there are some general patterns depending on who is asking for the help.

If the family seeks help… I often consult initially with the family (without the mentally ill relative). Families can benefit greatly from the education, problem solving, and support provided through this work. Even if their relative will not become a part of treatment, there are many families for whom I provide ongoing consultation on a regular or as needed basis.

Over time, families may be able to invite their relative into the process. At this point, I will see the person individually and with their family. It becomes a case by case decision – depending upon the particular needs of that person and their family – how treatment then proceeds.

If the person seeks help… When persons with a severe and persistent mental illness seek help, they’re accustomed to more traditional forms of treatment. I try to give them a sense that my approach is different – focusing on strengths and goals, trying to understand their unique experience with their illness, identifying practical coping strategies.

A key point I discuss is the importance of incorporating the family (or other support system) into the process. Helping the significant others in their life better understand them can be an important aspect in their recovery efforts. Once the family is involved, again it becomes a case by case decision how treatment then proceeds.

If the person & family are willingly seeking help… If everyone is willing, then an initial consultation with the entire family is preferred. During this consultation, we will start with the entire family, then may spend some time with the just the person and/or the family without the person.

The Bottom Line... in this work is that everyone – individual, family, and professional – is on the same page, working toward shared goals.

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